Super8mm transfer to HD, single-channel video 
/ Director / Writer / Camera / Sound / Edit /

Marratein, marratein is a short essay film about two cities: Detroit and Beirut and the complicated relationships to place that crystallize over multiple generations. It is a film about belonging, diasporas, and the refracted memories of places known through other lifetimes. This film asks: what does it mean to return to a place you’ve never been? This film explores secondary trauma, intergenerational memories, and the complex relationships we have to “motherlands,” mothers, and our own progeny.


Press: “Julia Yezbick explores the uncertainty of belonging, identity in ‘marratein, marratein’,” Arab American News, Aug. 19, 2020.

Image: marratein, marratein

My children do not belong to me. They travel their own arcs, ripples tumbling outward. Our pulses coincide only fleetingly.

You told me without telling me. In gentle voice. Inaudible.

Even clocks are made of circles.

I write to you from the third decade of the second millennium of the western calendar. I am in Detroit. I gave birth to two children. I have a house, a station wagon and a dog.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles